Migration to Git + new bugtracker

I’ve recently had a rather bad experience with merging different branches in Subversion, which made me finally decide to migrate SIEGE to Git.

I’ve been hearing nice things about it, and myself had a privilege of trying it out. Git was originally designed and developed by Linus Torvalds (the same guy responsible for the Linux kernel) for development of the kernel – so if it was made by him and if it’s good enough for kernel devel, it ought to be good enough for SIEGE, right?

Of course, as with anything, there is a catch – SourceForge does not support the use of Trac’s source browser and whatnot with Git, which means that Trac has lost a bit more of its usefulness for me – I’ve only used it for bugtracking and source browsing, and this leaves only bugtracking.

That is the reason why I’m trying out a new bugtracker, namely MantisBT (**UPDATE 2010/10/01: **I’ve decided to switch to WordPress Quality Control) – you can find it at bugs.libsiege.org, although I do have to tinker with the settings a bit, still. I have been considering using Trac as the wiki, however, as I haven’t been too happy with MediaWiki – maybe I’ll end up using Trac in the end anyways if I can persuade my webhost that it would be a neat thing to be able to use this… Either them or SF.net staff. Hmm…

Well, as far as the migration to Git goes, I don’t know when will it happen (I have to find out if I can persuade my host first, and so on), but it will in the near future. I may leave Subversion up for some time after that, but I don’t know for how long.

… that said, using Github is not completely out of the question …

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