More documentation, CPython bindings and more

I’ve been “porting” the documentation from D to C. It’s been hard work, but here are some of the results:

They are a bit messy at the moment, but work is continuing in improving this. I’ve also been battling Wiki spam though, which is why I’ve added the CAPTCHA – it should filter out at least some of the spam. The HTML documentation was created with Doxygen, but I’ve been playing with breathe – a tool which takes Doxygen’s XML as input and outputs something usable with Sphinx, a very nice documentation generator (Python docs use it).

One tutorial was “ported” earlier, but I should note it anyways: The Configuring tutorial.

I’ve also been working on CPython bindings – for those that do not know, CPython is the official, and most popular Python implementation – if you’re using Python, you’re probably using CPython. I haven’t been able to get the deinit working correctly yet, and it’s a possibility that I may have to embed Python in a thin wrapper just so that I can use it properly with SIEGE.

Furthermore, I’ve been thinking of binding SIEGE to a whole variety of languages, including (but not limited to) Ruby, Pike, AngelScript, etc… Even Scheme (because TinyScheme is easy to bind). I’m looking for a good language to bind SIEGE to, so if anyone has any idea, do tell – just don’t say Lua, I really don’t like it.

I have created the beginning of what will become C++ and D bindings.

Oh, one more thing – I’m still (and constantly) looking for devs willing to help with SIEGE (especially someone to maintain the C++ bindings!) – if you’re up to it, do drop me a mail.

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