Monster Script & Blaze

At last, GameCraft has a scripting language. The interpreter creation has stopped, because I’ve found a scripting language which was very similar to what GCScript would have became.

I am now cooperating with Nicolay Korslund, the creator of Monster – giving him some ideas for future development and similar.

More information on the scripting language can be found here.

Also, I’ve found a physics engine for use with GameCraft. It is called Blaze, and it has all the features that the engine will need.

I am also in cooperation with the creator of the physics engine, Mason Green. I am going to port the engine to Phobos, the official standard library for D (at the moment, it is only available for Tango, the alternative standard library).

If you would like to know more about the engine, see the project page on dsource.

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