Staff required

So far, I’m pretty much the only guy working GameCraft (see below for others). While I’ve been making progress, it was much slower than what it could have been.

I could use another pair of hands to help me out.

Me and Th30n3 are now working on the GCEngine part, currently the organization and design (how the functions are named, how they are put into modules and similar)

Here are the positions that are yet to be filled:

  • Vector Graphics Designer – Someone to create a logo and an icon for the program and its filetypes. They should be in Tango style.
  • GUI Designer – Designer the graphical interface of the IDE
  • D Programmer – If I have another pair of hands helping me, the progress will be faster
  • Article Writer – Someone to write some Wiki articles, create a good description of the program and such
  • Game Programmer – Someone to create example games, test the IDE out, etc etc
  • Beta-Tester – Tester of the games that the game programmer creates – I have trust in the game programmer to create a bug-free game, but the problem is the engine behind it may be buggy.

We will also need a set of resources, to help the programmers start. Here’s what we need:

  • Sprites – The main ingame art. Formats that erase the per-pixel precision (such as JPEG) will NOT be accepted. Prefered format is PNG.
  • Tilesets – The guidelines are similar to those of sprites, only that this time they’re for floor/wall tiles (and similar).
  • Textures – for the floor, background textures and such. Prefered formats are PNG and JPEG (no JPEG if it requires precision or if it contains transparency). A rule of thumb is to just send PNG, and I’ll conver them as neccesarry.
  • Music – Prefered format is OGG, but I’ll convert anything else as neccesarry. If the music was made in MIDI format, keep it that way.
  • Sounds – Same rules apply as in music.

I may have forgotten something, and if you don’t feel like you’d fit any of these, but still want to help, feel free to contact me via the form, the mailing list or (if I’m there) on IRC.

We’re always looking for ideas, so, if you have one, it is very welcome.

As I said, I’m almost the only guy who works on GameCraft. ALMOST.

I would like to express my gratitude to:

  • Th30n3 for currently being the only other active member of the project.
  • Nicolay for creating Monster script, and therefore creating a scripting language to be used in GameCraft
  • Jenfri for creating the site banner
  • CheeryBounce and Anteusz for giving me tips about the scripting language (before I found Monster) and about the program itself
  • SourceForge for support of free projects and creating a home for the Subversion repository of the project
  • Walter for creating the D Programming Lanugage
  • All the GUI designers who made mockups in gif/png/jpeg formats

If I’ve left anyone out, do tell.

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