SIEGE Util now independent of the core

Until recently, SIEGE Util (sources and headers in siege/util/*) have depended on SIEGE core to initialize them – not anymore – now they work perfectly fine without the core. This marks an important first step in getting SIEGE into a less monolithic state, so that (say) its pathfinding code can be used as a separate library.

There are a few cases where util depends on, say, modules (which currently depend on core) – for example, conv.c which requires an iconv module – but I have plans on fixing this and getting modules independent as well.

Here is the relevant commit:

UPDATE: SIEGE-Modules do not depend on core for initialization anymore. Commit:

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Lights are in

Okay, I’ve decided to stop looking for a better API for lights and just put them into master.

Here are the relevant commits:

Some changes are still pending, but the API is going to remain as it is, at least for the time being.

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Migration to GitHub

Yesterday, I’ve migrated SIEGE from Gitorious to GitHub – I have good reasons to do so, but I will not discuss them here.

SIEGE is now located on this GitHub page: The Gitorious repository will be kept for a while and perhaps even updated once in a while – exactly how often (if at all) I will update it and for how long will I keep the repository, I do not know.

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