SIEGE updated + short-term plans

Alright, I’ve done some minor changes to SIEGE, boosting the version to 0.1.8:

  • sgLoadModules(char modules)** has been changed to sgLoadModules(int n, …) where n is the number of modules to load, followed by the modules themselves.
  • A lot of functions which take a filename for input have been changed from accepting char* into const char* as the first argument (for example, sgLoadModule).
  • SGLinkedList has been renamed to SGList (I’ve intended to do that before, but I simply forgot) – thus, SGLinkedNode is now SGListNode.

I’ve also added a link to the siege documentation – N3o (aka Th3On3, the other SIEGE dev) has kindly brought up to my attention that I forgot to put up a link to it on this site, and well, here it is! You can also find it in the site menu. Please note, however, that the documentation is a work in progress.

There is still tons to do, however:

  • AI:
    • Pathfinding (navmeshes, for example)
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Genetic Algorithms
  • Per-pixel collision detection
  • Performance-related:
    • FPS counter
    • Profiling tools
  • Threading (not 100% certain that we’ll add that)
  • Unicode rendered text support (probably via libiconv via a module)

…apart from longer-term plans such as networking.

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CMakeLists.txt corrected – CPack now works with SIEGE

I’ve just corrected SIEGE’s CMakeLists.txt so that CPack now “agrees” with SIEGE completely – this means that SIEGE binary distributions are possible (and simple) via CPack, apart from source distributions, which worked fine before.

I’ll see to it that binaries (and sources) get uploaded somewhere, I’ll most likely use SourceForge for the files, but mirror them here.

Stay tuned for the first uploaded & zipped (as opposed to available via Git or SVN) binary distribution!
**UPDATE 18:43 UTC: **The downloads are up – you can find them here.

Here is the commit:

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