Relicensed to the 2-clause BSD license

Okay, third post today. Sorry.

I like minimalistic licenses, and to that point I’ve considered relicensing SIEGE to the even simpler 2-clause BSD license (as opposed to the 3-clause license, which is usually called the “BSD license”) – it is the same variation of the BSD license as that which is employed by FreeBSD.

I’ve talked to Th3On3 (him being the only active developer of SIEGE, not considering non-code artwork) have agreed that SIEGE is to be relicensed to the 2-clause BSD license, as opposed to the 3-clause license used so far (you can find more about that on Wikipedia). This makes the license even shorter and thus more simple.

I have also relicensed it to the so-called “SIEGE Development Team” as opposed to myself. I think the licensing to yours truly dates back to the times when Th3On3 was not on board the project yet, and thus I was the only developer – hence the holder.

Furthermore, I have added a license notice to most of the SIEGE source files – took me a while, but it had to be done eventually, and since I was at it, why the hell not. Here’s the link to the commit:

Here is the online copy of the license: linky.

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